About me

Our Story 


At KAM Besties Glitter Co, we are the result of a serendipitous encounter on TikTok that brought two strangers together with a shared passion: crafting exquisite tumblers. Hailing from two vibrant states, Washington and Texas, we found common ground in our desire to contribute something special to our crafting community.


Our mission at KAM is simple yet profound: to enrich our community with exceptional glitter products, straws, and toppers that elevate your creative projects. We are not just a business; we are fellow enthusiasts who wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of collaboration.


One of our core principles is to listen attentively to our valued customers. We thrive on your ideas and inspirations, transforming them into tangible creations. Your feedback and dreams fuel our journey, making KAM a hub for innovation and artistic expression.


In essence, we are more than just two strangers who met on TikTok; we are your partners in crafting, dedicated to bringing your visions to life. Join us in this creative adventure, and together, let's make every tumbler shine brighter and every craft project more extraordinary. Welcome to the KAM community!